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King Cake in Monroe-West Monroe

Let the good times roll.



Miss Kay’s Sweets & Eats

King Cake Options: Whole

Named after Miss Kay Robertson, matriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, this little restaurant serves delicious breakfasts, decadent baked goods, and homestyle meals. During Louisiana’s Carnival Season, they roll out the King Cake. Stop by during the season and pick one up.


The Coffee Bean

King Cake Options: Whole, slice

Baked fresh at this café, you can get King Cakes whole or by the slice. Depending on what mood you’re in, of course. Drop by for breakfast or lunch for delicious food.


Daily Press

King Cake Options: Individual-sized

With three (soon to be four!) convenient locations throughout Monroe-West Monroe, a mini King Cake is always close by. Stop by here for individual-sized king cakes.


Butter: A Louisiana Bakery

King Cake Options: Individual-sized, gluten-free

Located inside the gorgeously renovated Vantage Health building, this bakery is known for its 100% gluten free menu. They continuously create new treats to try, and their food is always delicious!


Bakery Boutique

King Cake Options: Whole, slice

This local bakery offers uniquely flavored King Cakes alongside the traditional styles. Try a peanut butter-stuffed King Cake or a Zulu King Cake with chocolate and toasted coconut filling.


Caster & Chicory

King Cake Options: Whole

The beignet food truck expands its Louisiana sweet treat menu to include King Cakes in a variety of flavors. These sell out quickly, so find their food truck before Carnival Season is over.


Corner Coffeehouse

King Cake Options: Whole, slice

Grab a King Cake by the slice or whole with so many flavors to choose from. Plus, order a hot or iced coffee while you’re there.


Magic Grill West Monroe

King Cake Options: Burger

If King Cake is too basic for you, this restaurant takes it a step further—by putting a hamburger patty in the middle. The King Cake Burger is a local favorite and a unique experience that can’t be missed.

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