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Tasty Tuesday Weekly Instagram Giveaway

You like us. We like you. Follow our Instagram account @discovermonroewestmonroe for a weekly giveaway every Tuesday! 

In Monroe-West Monroe, we love food. With over 100 local restaurants, there's always something new to try!

Our Tasty Tuesday contest challenges people to guess the local restaurant. We share an unmarked photo in our Tasty Tuesday post, and then we put more clues in our Instagram story. There you'll see snaps of the food, the building, the views-- anything that points toward the restaurant. Once you've seen the clues, go back to the Tasty Tuesday post and comment your answer. Every correct answer is entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card to that restaurant. We just bankrolled your next date night. Kind of. 

How well do you know your restaurants? Test your knowledge here! (Or look in the comments section of our post and just comment the answer everyone else is. We won't judge.)

See y'all on Tuesdays!



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