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Top Views in Ouachita Parish

For the photographer in all of us.


There are many reasons to love Ouachita Parish. The people are charming, the food is delicious, and you don’t have to look hard to find something beautiful. If you're looking to amp up your Instagram page, put that new iPhone camera to good use, or just to sit and enjoy a nice area, here are 5 places that have incredible views.


Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Honestly, this entire place is a perfect photo opportunity. The surrounding nature, the wildlife, and the bayou provide many beautiful places to appreciate. Their docks have 25 cent binoculars on them for an even closer view of the water. If standing on the docks isn’t close enough for you, rent a canoe and go out even further. Follow the marked path or go out on your own for a custom adventure on the bayou.


Landry Vineyards

Go for the wine, stay for the view. The outdoor patio of their tasting room perfectly overlooks the stunning vineyard. There’s just something so relaxing to see the rows upon rows of grape vines as they go up the hill. Take a tour of their vineyard for a closer view. During one of their concerts held in the summer, you can relax on the hill with friends and enjoy live music.


Kiroli Park

This park features several walking trails that lead to hidden treasures. Surrounded by nature with quaint, covered bridges like this one that adds to the rustic feel. This walk is an easy one, so it definitely counts as relaxing. Another great view? The dog park. I don’t know about you, but happy puppies meeting new friends is one of my favorites.


EL-Song Gardens and Biedenharn Museum and Gardens

A popular spot for photoshoots, this place is surrounded by beauty. From the moment you step into the gardens, you are greeted with the soft sound of water trickling in the fountains. The variety of flowers and trees combined with the lovely maiden statues makes this a stunning place to be. On a usual day, it closes at 5pm, but catch a Moonlight in the Garden event, and you can literally see this place in an entirely new light. Bring a nickel to buy a glass Coke from their vintage vending machine, as a nod to their Coca-Cola Museum, located on the premises.


The Ouachita River

From any angle, it’s easy to see why this is one of the defining features of our area. As in THE defining feature of our area because our parish is literally named after it. Catching a sunset on the river is a huge treat, and there are several great locations in which you can do so. For a great view of the river, visit Warehouse No. 1, Trapp’s, the Downtown RiverMarket, or Forsythe Park levee.


Visit any of these places for a unique and stunning view like no other. When you visit, be sure to post a picture to Instagram and use the hashtag #discovermwm.

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