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Social Distancing Activities in Monroe-West Monroe

Latest Update: Louisiana is in Phase 2. Wearing face masks when in public is included in the order.

The coronavirus has majorly impacted our daily lives. It is recommended to take precautions and follow safety protocols as outlined by the World Health Organization— including wearing masks and face coverings. Another practice to implement is social distancing. This term means to physically maintain at least a 6 ft distance between yourself and others.

Staying at home is recommended if you are feeling sick, otherwise, the official Phase 2 Order does allow for spending time in nature.  For those of you searching for things to do during this time, we’ve got a list of social distancing activities that you can do in Monroe-West Monroe! Get some fresh air at these locations:


Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Phone: (318) 387-1114

Any list of ours featuring outdoor destinations includes this sparkling gem. While the pier is closed for construction and the visitor center is now closed, the nature trails and other parts of the refuge remain open from dawn to dusk. You’ll get glimpses of wildlife throughout this area, and we can confirm that woodland creatures do not carry the virus. If you have your own kayaks or fishing boats, you can still access the lake. However, rentals are not available at this time.


Go Kayaking

Phone: (318) 372-8801

That being said, H2 GO Paddle is currently offering kayak rentals at their place. They've confirmed the ability to sanitize their gear for this activity! Pick up your rentals, then head to the Ouachita River or Bayou Desiard. Get out on the water to reeeeeally put some distance between you and people. Make sure to pack snacks, water, and sunscreen- in that order.  



Restoration Park

Phone: (318) 322-8903

This stunning 70-acre forest and wetland park has multiple overlooks and a 1 mile trail for jogging, walking, or relaxing. A scenic lake sits in the middle with native cypress trees draped with Spanish moss.


Forsythe Park

Take a stroll along the levee, hit the tennis courts, or head to the open field for sports! This park is located next to the Ouachita River in Monroe, and has plenty of options for things to do while putting the recommended 6 ft between you and everyone else.


Go on a Heron Hunt

The Herons on the Bayou organization just released their official map of all 51 herons! Snap a photo with 'em all! Load your healthy loved ones in the car, keep your hand sanitizer close, and go find as many as you can. Each one is a stunning piece of art that'll make you proud to call the 318 area your home.


These are just a few suggestions for those who are healthy and looking for things to do in Monroe-West Monroe! 









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