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Bayou Bowl

100 Horseshoe Lake Road, Monroe

Season 3: Bass Man Standing, Season 8 Episode 3 “Search N’ Decoy”

When Sadie and John Luke plan to bowl with friends, Mamaw Kay invites herself to tag along. After electing herself John Luke's wingman to try and help him out with the young ladies, Mamaw Kay offers her dating do’s and don'ts to her grandchildren and their friends. These kids got more than they bargained for on this bowling trip. In Season 8, Kay makes a bet with Jessica that she can beat Willie at bowling! Miss Kay is off to a win but ultimately Willie comes back and wins the bet! Visit Bayou Bowl with 40 lanes, pool tables, and a grill. It is a great place to spend some time with the family, but you can skip the dating advice if you want.


General Information

Location : 100 Horseshoe Lake Road, Monroe LA 71203
Phone: (318) 325-2062