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Get Outside the Lines

Discover Monroe-West Monroe

Nestled between a bayou and a byway, there’s an eclectic destination where the natural resources are as rich as the flavors, where industry keeps time with entertainment, and where two cities beat with one heart. It’s an innovative place where the first bottler of happiness came into his own and the entrepreneurial spirit found skies to climb. It’s a visit that feels like a weekend, and a weekend as comfortable as home. Discover Monroe-West Monroe, where you’re welcome to play outside the lines.

We are excited about this new destination brand and encourage you to get outside the lines and Discover Monroe-West Monroe!


About the Logo

Our new brand is crowned by our fresh, new logo. This logo was crafted to invoke the unique opportunities and experiences that ebb, flow, and come together to create the twin cities of Monroe and West Monroe.

Though the cities are different, the logo was developed to establish quality. Rather than being divided, Monroe and West Monroe are bridged together with an eclectic and vibrant type treatment. Each letter design has meaning-- the stencil represents industrial roots, the radiating lines reflect ripples of water and the marquis dots shine a light on entertainment. Standing alone, the letters depict one chapter, but together, they are able to tell the full story.

The tagline itself is placed in a position to visually represent its meaning, while the word "Discover" is playfully laid out as a discovery of its own.


Take the Personality Quiz

Find out what Monroe-West Monroe characteristic you personify. Are you a Tranquil Bayou, Friendly Waves, Visionary Skies, or Vibrant Blaze? Click here to take our personality quiz to find out. We'll even send you a personalized itinerary specially curated for your type! Plus, read more about each personality type here.


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks for fun activities to help you get outside the lines and Discover Monroe-West Monroe. 

Let's keep on exploring