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Zoo Animal of the Month: January

Hint: He likes to move it.



This month’s featured animals are the Ring-Tailed Lemurs.


Joe Clawson, director of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, gave us the scoop on these animals and what makes them so unique.

“That is a solar-powered monkey,” says Clawson. He shared with us some fun facts about these animals:



“Where are ring-tailed lemurs from? If you’re familiar with the animated movie, then you already know the answer. Madagascar!

In Madagascar, food is a limited factor, so animals develop other strategies for getting their nourishment. The ring-tailed lemur's strategy involves sunbathing.

It takes energy to maintain body temperatures, for example the 98.6 degrees that the human body sustains. At night, lemurs allow their temperature to drop, in order to save that energy. In the morning, the lemur will find sunlight and point their bellies towards it, arms spread out.

This pose often looks like they are worshipping the sun, and since ring-tailed lemurs are social animals, they typically do this together.”



"Another fun fact about ring-tailed lemurs is that they have very powerful scent glands. If they’re upset with you, they’ll point their tail and comb it towards you. You don’t want to smell like a lemur."



At the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, they have 12 lemurs on 3 islands throughout the attraction. Clawson says if you come in the mornings on sunny days, you can catch a glimpse of the lemurs “sun worshipping.”


The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is located on 1405 Bernstein Park Rd., Monroe, LA 71202.



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