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Local Burgers

All-American. Classic. The burger is a staple of U.S. cuisine. Whether you’re at a fast food joint or a high-end restaurant, it’s likely that the burger is there also. It’s a faithful companion when everything else on the menu sounds weird, or when you want to find the cheapest meal. It’s really hard to get a burger wrong. Here are 4 local places that get their burgers so right:


Braiz'n Bar & Grill

A new kid on the block in Monroe-West Monroe, this restaurant has already made a name for itself with it's unique burger and taco selections. Pictured above is the Delta Blues burger-- a ground beef patty topped with bleu cheese, bacon jam, fried onions, and a fried egg, if you'd like. Other options include the Drunk'n Burger (beer-braised short rib), the Lone Star (smoked bacon, avocado, and BBQ sauce), and a veggie burger. While you're there, be sure to order the Elotes appetizer, which is a fire-roasted corn-on-the-cob topped with cheese, lime, and cilantro. 



Aron’s Pharmacy, Gift, and Grill

Passing by this place, you might assume that it is simply a place for people to pick up their medicines. However, if you make it inside you will be pleasantly surprised to find it to be much more. In the back of the store is a small, diner-style restaurant. They serve breakfast and lunch, anything from pancakes and eggs to patty melts and curly fries. But they make it on this list because their burgers are incredible. The friendly, family-owned atmosphere only makes it better.


Enoch’s Irish Pub

Experience the luck of the Irish here when you order one of their burgers. It’s that good. Their steak fries are the perfect complement. Speaking of the fries, you should also order the Conly’s Cheese Fries, while you're there. Enoch's has a burger for every mood you’re in. Play it super safe with the Eddie Collins Burger (not even cheese on this one), pretend you’re a morning person with the Full Irish Breakfast Burger, or go exotic with the Bombay Burger (house peach chutney, blue cheese crumbles, provolone cheese and a side of house curry sauce). They even have vegetarian options, replacing the beef patty with a grilled portabella mushroom.



After you and your friends have polished off a plate of their seafood nachos, Trapp’s cheeseburger is a classic one. Served with your choice of sides, including their homemade chips. This cajun-style restaurant packs it full of flavor. The view from the patio isn’t bad either, featuring the Ouachita River, railroad tracks, and the Monroe city skyline.


Next time you’re in the mood for a good burger, stop by one of these great local joints!

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