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Unique Ways to Eat Crawfish in MWM

Crawfish just makes everything better. 



3 Unique Ways to Eat Crawfish in MWM

Crawfish is one of Louisiana's delicacies. It's saved for special occasions, and eating it is a learned skill passed from generation to generation. But the culinary scene in Monroe-West Monroe takes it a step further. Here are 3 dishes where your crawfish is already peeled:


1. The Crawfish Special at RawZ Cafe

This sushi roll is filled with shrimp tempura, crab mix, and cream cheese, classically. But it's topped with avocado and crawfish, giving it a Louisiana twist. Need more crawfish? Try the Crawfish Volcano or the Louisiana Special. 


2. Sweep the Swamp at Johnny's Pizza

This is a unique take on the local pizza house's fan favorite Sweep the Kitchen. Topped with shrimp, crab, Andouille sausage, bell peppers, jalapenos, and of course, crawfish, this pizza is a Cajun's dream. Try this combination in a Johnny's Flip or in a Pizza Bowl for a low carb option!


3. Mom Bourque's Seafood Nachos at Trapp's

Located right on the Ouachita River, this restaurant combines gorgeous views with delicious food. On the appetizer menu, you'll find these seafood nachos. House-made chips topped with white queso, jalapenos, shrimp, bell peppers, and fried crawfish tails, so basically all of your favorite things in one dish. Share it or order it for yourself. We can't judge.


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