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Excalibur Family Fun Center

455 Cheniere Drew Road, West Monroe

Season 3: Tickets to the Fun Show

When Si takes home the $2000 gift card at Duck Commander Casino Fun Night, he selects a massage chair for the duck call room. Willie makes him take it back, and a detour to get pizza lands them at this family fun entertainment center. Si says it has the best pizza in town, but Willie wants to get back to the office. Si, the ultimate kid, finds a way to spend his winnings for a large gorilla and pizza. You don’t need that much money for a fun filled time, just have a blast playing with the family. You can climb the rock wall, challenge someone to putt-putt or laser tag, drive go-carts and play games like skeeball and whack a mole. Can you beat Uncle Si's collection of tickets for prizes?


General Information

Location : 455 Cheniere Drew Road, West Monroe LA 71291