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Duck Dishes in Monroe-West Monroe

These restaurants will make you happy, happy, happy.


Discover Duck Commander and locally crafted duck dishes in Monroe-West Monroe. These restaurants serve our favorite fowl in unique ways:



One of their signature dishes is the Muscovy Duck Wraps-- pieces of duck wrapped in maple bacon, stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno. Try the Duck Fat Fries for a slight twist on a classic.


Willie's Duck Diner

Of course you can find duck on the menu at Willie Robertson's restaurant in West Monroe. The Duck Commander Po-Boy is the Louisiana sandwich at it's finest, featuring fried duck, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.


Copeland's of Monroe

Our recommendation is the Duck, Andouille, and Shrimp Gumbo. Served over rice, this delicious Cajun dish only gets better by adding duck.



This restaurant takes it a step further with their Double Duck appetizer. Enjoy fried duck legs and duck quesadillas as you wait on your entree.



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